Sirius Mind and Body
an Eclectic Universe for Unique People

Our first incarnation occurred in 1996 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a metaphysical shop called Sirius Books and Essence. Our motto was "Expand Your Horizons", which we did with our collection of books and gifts. This is where we first encountered and embraced entomophagy - eating bugs.

At the end of 1999, we relocated to South Carolina. Legend has it that we moved in anticipation of Y2K, but in reality, we had put our house on the market a few months earlier, and got a super sweet offer. An offer we couldn't refuse. The catch was that we had to close on the deal right around the same time we were due to deliver our 5th child. Putting our "expand your horizons" motto into overdrive, we packed up the family, the house and Sirius, and got on the road. We arrived in town only to learn that our new house wasn't quite ready (translation: nowhere close to ready) , so we moved into temporary digs. And then we delivered our baby - the same day.
After counting fingers and toes, my husband went back to our temporary abode to smudge it with Frankincense & Myrrh, one of our family traditions for welcoming a new baby. By the time he returned to the hospital to collect us, he had also discovered the location of our new shop.

So, here we are, entering our latest incarnation -
After twelve happy and interesting years on India Hook Road in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Sirius Mind and Body (as well as Sirius7 Jewelry) has once again evolved. On February 29th, 2012, we closed the doors of our bricks & mortar shop. We're heading back to Minnesota. We're not sure when we'll reopen the shop doors, but our websites are here to stay!

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We still carry some books, but now we also get to present the works of local artists. Sometimes, I get my hands on edible inset treats. And of course, we wouldn't be Sirius without our fragrance oils and incense.

About Us

photos taken by I. Cousin, B. Cousin, E. Cousin